Good Lift Features

Good lift tyre is appreciated by drivers and end users all over the world. It is now available in whole range of sizes under following benefits:
  New tread design

 Considerably greater thread depth

  Hard wearing tread compound

  Reinforced base

  Good cushioning and damping properties


Product Applications

  Forklift Trucks

  Internal Port Trailers

  Access Equipments

  Baggage Trolleys

  All Material Handling Equipments

  Pallet Trolleys

  Platform Trucks

  Aircraft / Seaport Support Equipment


Tyre Nomenclature

Solid Cushion Tyres Press - On Tyres
Size : 26*7.00*12 /5.00 Size : 16*5*10
26 : Nominal OD 16 : Nominal OD
7.00 : Nominal Width 5 : Nominal Width
12 : Nominal ID 10 : Nominal ID
5.00 : Rim width      

All Measurement in inches

OD : Outer diameter
ID : Inner diameter


Good Lift Tyres - Unique Applications

Non Marking Oil Resistant Heat Resistant
Food Stuff Oil Industry Slag Transport
Electronic Chemical Industry Steel & Foundries
Paint Recycling Industry Mines